Owners John and Cheri Borowiec

The Cheese Box
Pride is our secret ingredient

What is The Cheese Box?

We are a gourmet specialty cheese and sausage shop in beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. We offer many interesting and tasty items. For over seventy years, The Cheese Box has been serving America with the best of Wisconsin products, fine cheeses, wines and special gifts from the Dairyland. The Cheese Box specializes in gift baskets and boxes of cheese, sausage, and other goodies for ever occasion. We carry the original Fomation Cheese Head Hats from the creator of this fun item, not fake knock-offs.

Now about our Cheeses...
The Cheese Box sells only the finest quality, natural cheeses. We don't sell shelf stable cheeses...they have too many things in them we don't think are good for you. Only the finest cheeses are sold at The Cheese Box. For example, we offer the "Cadillac" and "Bentley" of blue cheeses. Many of our cheeses are award winning and new to the market. You cannot buy them just anywhere.

Come in and see our gourmet food items. We feature local toffee that is just "killer" along with local honey, and honey comb. We also carry Lake Geneva Country Meats specialties, like cherry and portabella bratwurst. We bake breads, cookies, and brownies. There are artisan crackers, mustards, and sauces, there are homemade relishes and pickles, so many unique and tasty foods. We have vegetarian and vegan food items. We also have gluten free choices available. We will not sell genetically altered and chemically processed, manufactured foods. We feature real food not food-like substances.

Whether or not you are sending handsomely packed gifts to friends and clients, or ordering bratwurst for your backyard cookout, remember your friends at The Cheese Box. We insure that your order will be handled with care and promptness.

If you are an international visitor, you should know our prices and shipments are for U.S. ONLY.

For questions, please call us at
The Cheese Box
(262) 248-3440

801 South Wells Street
Lake Geneva, WI 53147

On-line questions? info@cheesebox.com