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Hukki Sausage
Price: $12.99

Hukki Sausage.  Smoked in small batches right here in Wisconsin. More lean sausage than other brands. Made and smoked by local Bald Eagle Foods.
Peppered Hukki Sausage
Price: $12.99

Pepper Summer Sausage filled with cracked pepper & spices. Lean sausage made and smoked by Bald Eagle Foods. Price is per 9 ounce sausage link.
Price: $9.99

The original Bratwurst is a must have item for all of your grilling events.  Soak it in some Wisconsin beer, throw it on the grill over medium heat, and load it up with some grilled onions for a delicious meal.  Price per package of 6.
Cherry Bratwurst
Price: $9.99

Made with a top secret spice blend, the Cherry Bratwurst is a little bit sweet, a little bit juicy, and a lot delicious.  Price per package of 6.

Portabella Mushroom/Swiss Bratwurst
Price: $9.99

Who says bratwursts can’t be a gourmet treat as well as great grilling food? Portabella Mushroom & Swiss Cheese Bratwurst proves a bratwurst can be both.  Traditional Bratwurst, loaded up with locally grown mushrooms, and stuffed with real Wisconsin Swiss Cheese to deliver flavor you never imagined possible in a bratwurst to your mouth. This is a must try for any sausage connoisseur.  Price sold per package of 6.
Price: $10.99

The Cheese Box Braunschweiger, original German liver sausage recipe, smoked in its natural casing.  Price is sold per pound.
Landjaeger Dried Sausages
Price: $4.99

Price per pair.  Available in Hot or Mild
Summer Sausage 9oz
Price: $6.99

Garlic Summer Sausage 9oz
Price: $6.99

Summer Sausage 1LB
Price: $11.99

Garlic Summer Sausage 1LB
Price: $11.99